South Africa – Fact sheet

Situated at the southern tip of Africa. It is bordered in the north by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and also wraps itself around two independent countries, the Lesotho and Swaziland.

South Africa has 3 capitals: Cape Town (Legislative), Pretoria (Administrative) and Bloemfontein (Judicial).

The country is strong on adventure, sport, nature and wildlife travel and is a pioneer and global leader in responsible tourism.

The South African population of more than 49m people is extremely diverse. Africans are in the majority, approx. 80% of the population, followed by the white population approx. 4,4m; the coloured population approx. 4,2 million and the Indian/Asian population at approx. 1,2m.

South Africa’s currency is the rand, which offers visitors great value for money.

South Africa has a temperate climate and is known for its long sunny days, hence the title: ‘Sunny South Africa’. Winter is from June to August; Spring from September to October; Summer from November to March and Autumn is from April to May.

South Africa is a multi-lingual country and there are 11 official languages

Tap water is potable. However, drink wine if you’re not sure!!

The South African electricity supply is 220/230 volts